How Do You Deal With Combination Skin?


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Having combination skin presents challenges because some areas of the skin tend to be oily, while others battle dryness. The “T-zone,” which includes the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, must be treated in similar ways as an oily skin type.

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Combination skin requires a special kind of care to balance both the oily and dry areas of the skin, without over-hydrating or over-drying. Some people with combination skin find it best to work with products that battle oils in the T-zone, and more gentle products for the rest of the face.

It is best, in all cases, to begin preparing the skin with a gentle gel-based or foaming cleanser. Bar soaps can promote dryness and should be avoided. The next step is a toner without alcohol, witch hazel or other drying ingredients. Following the toning, a sunscreen is helpful; for those with skin prone to breakouts, the sunscreen is best applied through foundations formulated for their skin types. For those who do contend with acne, a product with light benzoyl peroxide is effective for spot treating. To finish, those with combination skin can apply lotions with antioxidants in gel or serum form, with a more emollient moisturizer for the drier areas of the face.

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