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Deadstock is clothes or shoes that have never been sold or worn, usually limited to older clothing that is no longer being produced. Deadstock is often discovered in forgotten warehouse stockpiles with original packaging and tags. The term also refers to unused equipment and parts.

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Deadstock is vintage if it was manufactured between the 1920s and 20 years before the current year. Anything produced before 1920 is considered antique. Older merchandise typically sells for a higher price than newer deadstock. However, it is harder to find vintage and antique clothing that is new and has never been worn.

Deadstock is commonly used by sneaker lovers who have expanded the term. "Very near deadstock" refers to a sneaker that has been worn but is in very good condition. Sneakers worn more often and with a little wear and tear are considered "near deadstock," but only if the condition of the shoes is improved with cleaning and light maintenance.

Deadstock may be the result of product that was over-produced or did not sell well in stores. Deadstock is also known as "new old stock," or "NOS." Other names used include "new off the shelf," "new on the shelf" and "never off the shelf."

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