What Are Some Day of the Dead Face Painting Designs?


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On the Day of the Dead, celebrants sometimes paint their faces to look like skulls with decorative accents. These accents include painted flowers, spider webs and hearts.

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What Are Some Day of the Dead Face Painting Designs?
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The Day of the Dead has origins in Aztec culture and is viewed as a day of celebration. It's not meant to be a spooky holiday. Instead decorations and face paintings represent the celebration of life and honors the spirits of loved ones who have passed.

Skull face painting is a popular design for this holiday. Most celebrants choose to accent their skulls with bright, colorful symbols of life. A woman might draw red hearts around her eyes in place of black eye sockets. Another option is to draw flowers with large petals curling out around the face. Many simply add scalloped edges to the black eye sockets in bright red or green paint.

It is also common to see a spider's web in black paint forming a widow's peak at the top of the face. Swirling black lines that end in tear drop shapes may also adorn the cheeks and chin.

Most simply draw vertical black lines across the lips to represent a skull's teeth. Women may also choose to wear red lipstick instead, which allows for more freedom of movement without worrying about messing up the design.

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