How Do You Darken Henna Hair Color?

Henna is a natural, flowering plant that has been extracted into a powder form, according to the Crunchy Betty website. From there, it is mixed with water and apple cider vinegar to create a paste. Henna can naturally stain a person?s hair reddish brown, the site says, but there are darker colored henna mixes that are considered ?black? which can quell natural reddish highlights, and herbs that can darken hennas.

The experts at Crunchy Betty first caution that when using a henna product, ensure it is applied in an area where staining surfaces can be avoided. Old towels, for example, are recommended as covers to surfaces. Those using henna should also ensure that it does not fall onto skin, as it stains. Additionally, Crunchy Betty recommends using gloves when applying henna to avoid staining fingernails.

The website The Green Prophet reiterates that henna is messy, yet it is natural and has ingredients that condition hair. The site also states when henna is in its pure form, it turns hair red. Some hennas have herbs in them, which might darken hair.

The website Vintage Amanda suggests adding coffee to henna to darken hair further, especially greys. The Green Prophet suggests green walnut leaves for rich browns. For those who would like to add auburn tones, The Green Prophet advocates hibiscus tea in the mixture.