How Do You Darken Eyebrows at Home?

To darken your eyebrows at home, dip an eye shadow applicator into an eye shadow color that's similar to the natural color of your brows, and lightly stroke your brows with the applicator to make them appear darker and fuller. This process takes just a few minutes.

  1. Select an eye shadow color

    Choose an eye shadow color that's a shade or two darker than the natural color of your brows if you want them to look much fuller and thicker. For a milder effect, select a color that's the same as your natural brow color.

  2. Dip the eye shadow applicator into the eye shadow

    Gently dip the eye shadow brush or applicator into the color of your choice, making sure not to use too much.

  3. Darken your left brow

    Lightly stroke your left brow one time, and examine it. If one stroke is enough to get your desired look, you're done. If you want the brow to look fuller, lightly stroke the brow again. Continue dipping the applicator in the makeup and gently stroking your left brow until you achieve your desired look. Keep a mental note of the number of times you stroked your left brow during this process.

  4. Darken your right brow

    Fill in your right brow using the exact number of strokes you used to darken your left brow.