Is a Daily Shower a Healthy Part of Good Hygiene?

daily-shower-healthy-part-good-hygiene Credit: Peter Dazeley/Stone/Getty Images

Showers are a healthy part of hygiene, but people do not need to take showers daily. Excessive bathing or showering can lead to dry skin, and it can also wash away the natural bacteria and oils that protect the skin against infections. Some experts suggest that the average person should take a shower two times within three days and wash essential areas that are prone to odor on non-shower days.

A number of factors determine how often a person should take a shower. People who commute and take public transportation should take showers more frequently because they are exposed to more germs and possible diseases. Those who work directly with sick individuals and those who work out frequently are also among those who should opt to take more showers than the average person.

If skipping a shower doesn't seem like a realistic practice, there are other ways to cleanse the body without exposing skin to the harshness of frequent bathing. Instead of using hot water, using luke-warm water helps the skin preserve some of its natural oils. Limiting use of soaps with fragrances and heavy foaming ingredients such as lauryl sulphate helps as well, as these can irritate the skin and make it more prone to infection.