How Do You Find the Cutest Short Haircut for Your Face Shape?


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Finding the most flattering hairstyles for your face involves first determining your face shape. Next, choose a style that hides certain features while emphasizing the desirable traits of your face shape.

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To determine your face shape, measure the widest part of your forehead, cheeks and jawline. Next, measure under the eyes from ear to ear, and then from forehead to chin. This is the cross measurement.

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead while square faces are equal across forehead, cheeks and jawline. Round faces are also equal across all three, but they also have a 1:1 ratio for the cross measurement. Long faces are more than 1.5 times longer than wider while oval faces are exactly 1.5 times longer.

Pixie haircuts look good on heart-shaped faces though any short haircut with either side-swept bangs or brow-grazing bangs look flattering. If wearing a bob, the length should hit just below the jawline.

Square faces need haircuts with lots of texture. Short cuts with spikes and sharp edges near the face look flattering, as do long, side-swept bangs. These types of haircuts also flatter long faces.

Round faces need short haircuts that cut in on the sides and show volume at the top to make the face look longer. Hair should be cut in wispy layers from temple to jaw line. Oval faces look good with any short haircut.

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