What Are Some Cute Ways to Paint Your Nails?


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You can use various colors and designs to paint your nails, including nail stickers, neon polish, glitter and flower designs. The method you choose depends on the amount of time that is available and your personal style preferences.

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For painting nails, the perfect number of strokes is three. Always start from the base of the nail. Even if it takes more work and time, use a base coat before applying color. This is a good trick to make the nail polish last longer than a few days. If you want to have a neon polish design, apply a shade of white as the base.

Another cute idea to paint your nails is using glitter. Use a cotton ball and acetone to remove the glitter around your fingers, and draw flowers on your nails with a toothpick or a pencil. Another interesting idea is to alternate the colors on your fingers. This way, each nail is unique.

If you don't have much time to do your nails, stickers are perfect for creating a fun and interesting design. Clean and dry your nails before using the stickers. Use some scissors to get the shape and size you want. Peel the stickers off, or remove them with a nail polish remover.

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