What Are Some Cute T-Shirt Designs?


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Cute t-shirt designs feature original, hand-drawn illustrations, funny sayings or popular cartoon characters. Original, illustrated t-shirt designs usually spotlight an anthropomorphized animal or object, such as a talking squirrel or a smiling sun. Humorous t-shirt designs generally quote a funny joke from television shows or blockbuster movies. Cartoon t-shirt designs typically include a cartoon character from a children’s favorite such as "My Little Pony" or the "Simpsons."

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Cute t-shirt designs make the viewer of the design smile or chuckle. T-shirt designs with familiar media icons from books, film and television can illicit a quick smile, while more complicated text-based designs take longer to appreciate.

Cute t-shirt designs can either be purchased ready-made by a clothing retailer, commissioned by an artist, or individually designed using home software and t-shirt-making tools. Clothing retailers offer cute t-shirt designs that are likely to sell well, featuring popular culture phenomena such as Internet memes and television or movie characters. Artist-commissioned t-shirt designs provide greater personal input and customization. What one person finds cute, another person might find ugly. Lastly, designing your own t-shirt gives you full creative control. Pick and choose elements of various t-shirts and personal drawings to create your own cute t-shirt design.

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