What Are Some Cute Styles of Vintage Hats?


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Some cute styles of vintage hats are cloche hats, pillbox hats and high crown hats. Doll hats, or tilts, and cocktail hats are other cute vintage hat styles.

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The cloche hat was the most popular style of hat for women in the 1920s. This hat is known for fitting very close to the head and is often made of felt so it conforms to the head. Some cloche hats are embellished with different kinds of decorations, such as beads, sequins and ribbons.

Pillbox hats were very popular for women in the 1960s. This style of hat is small and round with a raised crown and flat top. It ranges two to three inches in height and is designed to sit on top of the head, tilted at times. Some pillbox hats have a veil to pull over the eyes if desired.

A cocktail hat, also known as a close hat, is a variation of the cloche hat and peaked in popularity in the 1950s. This hat fits even closer than a cloche hat but is smaller and much more embellished. Cocktail hats are typically decorated with beads, jewels and feathers and often feature a veil. These hats are also traditionally used as alternatives to large-brimmed hats as pieces of evening wear.

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