What Are Some Cute Piercings?

Cute piercings may include a small sparkly stud in the nose, several small diamond studs along the edge of one ear or a tiny gold or silver hoop piercing over the edge of one eyebrow. Piercings are a personal choice and ultimately depend on the style and preference of the individual getting the piercing.

When deciding on an ear or other body piercing, take the time to find a reputable professional to do the job. Check to make sure that the person doing the piercing is experienced and is comfortable with the process. A botched piercing can be painful and leave unsightly marks or scarring. Improper hygiene can lead to infection. Once a piercing professional has been selected, consider where on the body the piercing will feel most comfortable. Piercings are permanent markings, so it's important to be confident with the visibility and location of the piercing. For example, if someone has a habit of tugging on his earlobe or biting his lip, a piercing in one of those places may not be the best idea. Once a body part is chosen for the piercing, browse around the web for some ideas for cute piercings that may work well for the desired body location.