What Are Some Cute Pedicure Designs?


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Pedicure designs, or toenail art, can include abstract shapes drawn on in nail polish, representational designs of objects such as flowers or fruit, simple patterns such as stripes or polka dots and embellishments with small charms or rhinestones. Many examples of toenail art are tailored to a specific holiday or season, such as a red, white and blue pattern for the Fourth of July or a blue-and-white winter design that includes small drawings of snowflakes on each nail. Many pedicure designs include embellishment on each toenail, though there are also examples of toenail art that focus on creating a design on one toe on each foot and painting the rest of the nails a solid color.

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One idea for a pedicure design scheme is to paint each toenail red, and then paint on the head and wings of a ladybug using black and white polish. Oftentimes, designs such as this, that include fine detail, require a steady hand.

Those without the ability to draw fine detail such as a ladybug body can focus on less complex designs such as two-tone polish or an accent nail using glitter polish. Using rhinestones and other specially designed nail charms can also be an easy way of adding additional elements to a monotone pedicure. One approach to this pedicure design style is to use a different size or color of rhinestone on each toe.

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