What Are Some Cute Outfits That Are Appropriate for Work?


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When looking to add fun to the work wardrobe while remaining appropriate, Glamour suggests focusing on pops of vibrant color and print, as well as tailored clothing. Finish off the outfits with appropriate footwear for a complete look.

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When wearing suits and dresses, do not just concentrate on the traditional black, brown and navy shades. Instead, consider a tailored fit in a lighter color. Tans, grays and whites still make a fashion statement while remaining appropriate for the workplace. For an easy fashion ensemble to put together quickly, consider a bold print dress paired with high heels and a handbag in a somber hue. The high heels add sophistication and the muted color of the bag makes the print the focus of the look. With the bold color, additional accessories are not necessary.

Other fashion pieces to invest in are a fitted trench coat, a lined skirt and a tailored black dress paired with a wide belt cinched at the waist, as well as a festive skirt paired with simple flats. Also, consider incorporating cardigans into the wardrobe as opposed to the traditional blazers. Cardigans keep the outfit stylish and appropriate, yet tone down the overall formality of the office look.

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