What Are Some Cute Nail Polish Ideas?


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Cute nail polish ideas include matching polish to one's outfit or shoes, adding jewels to the nails, painting nails in matte and shiny versions of the same color and gluing sequins or beads to the nails. Striking looks are also created when each nail is painted differently or when one nail is chosen for a special pattern that makes a statement.

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When nails are painted to match the colors of an outfit, the nail art can be as simple as a lone stripe of one color from the outfit against a contrasting color. Nails can match shoes with metallic accents by adding glitter in a similar color to the nail. In addition, nails can be painted to pick up colors or themes from arm tattoos or henna designs. Animal prints are some of the most popular choices, according to designs shown on The Huffington Post.

Adding beads, sequins and jewels to nails creates a striking look. Decorate all nails, or choose just one nail for the embellishments. Ombre looks in which the nail color changes gradually from the tip to the base are also popular. Try a matte black polish with random shiny black details for a subtle effect.

Painting each nail separately brings a level of detailing that draws attention to the nails and can be used to express a theme. Add stencils and patterns to the nails to highlight a love of favorite books, comic book designs, 3D designs inspired by recent movies or abstract designs using a limited palette of colors.

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