How Do You Find Cute, Inexpensive Maternity Clothes?

How Do You Find Cute, Inexpensive Maternity Clothes?

In order to find cute, inexpensive and stylish maternity clothes for your pregnancy, without overextending your budget, search for creative avenues. For example, ask loved ones for unused clothing items or shop at used clothing stores, online stores and special retail outlets.

  1. Ask friends and family

    Ask close friends and family members to check for bygone clothing items or larger sizes they are no longer wearing. Start a maternity bin for pregnant women in your circle, where everyone adds a piece or two of clothing with each pregnancy.

  2. Check out local thrift stores and consignment shops

    Buy used maternity clothes at local thrift stores or consignment shops for a massive discount. Some items may be brand new or have very little use, as each woman's body grows differently with every pregnancy.

  3. Search online websites and groups

    Browse online auction websites, as well as maternity shops, for reduced prices on clothing. Sign up for local clothing sale websites through social networking. Many of these locations allow people to try on items before purchasing them.

  4. Look at plus-size stores

    Check out local plus-size retail shops, as well as the plus-size sections in your favorite clothing shops, for alternatives to conventional maternity wear. Shop sales racks to find pieces you can wear during and after your pregnancy, while your body is still recovering.