How Do You Get a Cute Hairstyle for School?

How Do You Get a Cute Hairstyle for School?

For a cute back-to-school haircut, consider your face shape, hair type, personality and lifestyle. By considering these characteristics, you can find a hairstyle that complements your looks and works with your hair.

Begin your search for a cute new hairstyle by considering the shape of your face, as different cuts can complement or exaggerate your features.

Generally, long layered hair lengthens round faces. Side-swept bangs can help balance heart-shaped faces. Short, bobbed haircuts tend to look good with long faces, while longer styles look good with square faces. Oval faces have the benefit of looking good in just about any haircut.

Additionally, the texture of your hair can help steer your style choices. For example, pixie cuts and shaggy bobs are an excellent way to work with and emphasize your natural curls and waves.

Finding a cute cut that matches your lifestyle and your everyday activities is also important. If you are very active in sports, for example, you might want to choose a short style or one that looks good pulled back in a pony tail. If you have very little time to get ready in the morning or if you don't like to use a lot of hair products, you might narrow down your hairstyle choices to ones that require minimal styling.

As a student, you may have to find a cut that also fits within your budget. Certain hairstyles and colors may require frequent upkeep, which can be costly. Additionally, some bright colors or cuts might be deemed too distracting by school standards, so make sure your favorite style fits within your school's dress code.