What Are Some Cute Hair Bow Designs?


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Cute hair bows designs include flower shaped bows and boutique bows with numerous exciting ribbons, buttons, loops and curls. Classically shaped hair bows made either with or without long tails are also fashionable and cute.

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Some other creative and cute bow examples are ones that are shaped like butterflies, princesses, pilgrims, turkeys, fall leaves, snow flakes or snow men. The fireworks bow is an example of a boutique bow, featuring shining ribbons, buttons, stars, dots, stripes and multiple colors. It is especially popular around patriotic holidays.

In contrast with the firework bow, flower bows tend to be more simple than boutique bows, with fewer ribbons and tails, though they can certainly be made more exciting with sparkles and colors. Buttons with faces or designs can be placed in the center of any simple bow for fun accents.

The cutest kind of hair bow for any given situation -- whether the fireworks bow, a turkey bow, or a simple classic ribbon bow -- often depends on the preference of the person wearing it. Hair bows come in so many different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and themes, it is easy to find one that suits the occasion and preferences of the wearer.

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