What Are Some Cute Emo Haircuts for Girls?


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The traditional emo haircut for girls consists of a long, heavy bang area that sweeps across the forehead, and sometimes one eye, from a very deep side part. Other cute emo haircuts include a long, razored pixie cut and a medium-length, razored shag cut.

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The classic girls' emo haircut is basically a modified, long-haired shag haircut. The top layers are left long, traditionally not breaking until eye or cheekbone level. From there, the hair is heavily razored to create many jagged, wispy layers. The key to this hairstyle is the thick bang, which is generally left very long and sweeps across the face and into the shorter, side layers.

Those wanting a shorter emo hairstyle can opt for the elongated pixie cut. The cut is also layered with a razor cut, but is much less severe. The bang area is much lighter, with only a slight sweep. The sides are tapered in short, with a few long wisps left to frame the face.

A middle-of-the-road option is the medium-length shag. More dramatic than the pixie, but less severe than the long-haired version, this is basically a shag haircut done with a razor and featuring a medium-weight bang. This option is suitable for those who want a version of the classic emo cut but need to tone it down due to school, work or parental demands. This cut can be enhanced with the use of black or brightly-colored hair dye.

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