What Are Cute and Easy Hairdos?


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The French twist and undone chignon are two cute and easy hairdos with a stylish touch for everyday activities and special occasions. Hair rollers or a curler, hairspray and a few hairpins are all that are needed to accomplish these styles.

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The first step in the French twist is to create volume by setting the hair in sections with hot rollers. The hair is then brushed out and teased at the crown, and the roots are sprayed with a light-hold hairspray. The hair along the sides of the head are brushed into a ponytail, and the tail is then twisted onto itself and secured with bobby pins, with the hair on top left out. All stray pieces should be twisted into the base of the twist, and a shine spray is applied last.

The undone chignon provides an intricate yet slightly messy look while still giving a polished appearance. The hair is given body by curling the hair with a curling iron or with hot rollers, spritzed with a texturizing spray and placed into a low ponytail. The hair is then divided into four sections and misted with hairspray before being twisted near the base of the ponytail with the ends out. Bobby pins are then applied to hold the four sections, and the hair is sprayed with a light-hold hairspray.

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