What Are Some Cute Ear Piercings?


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There are dozens of cute ear piercings to choose from, including the rook piercing, done on the cartilage that separates the inner and outer ear; and the helix, which pierces the upper ear. Combinations of different piercings and mixing and matching earrings creates potential for various unique looks.

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With ear piercings more popular than ever, the kinds of piercings now available can be combined in a multitude of ways for cute and sleek looks. One increasingly popular style is the industrial piercing, where holes on opposite ends of the ear are joined by one long metal wire; and the Tragus piercing, a piercing of the thick section of cartilage that covers the ear's hole when pushed down.

Another popular piercing is the conch piercing, which pierces the curved section of cartilage in the lower ear that touches the skull. More daring individuals can try earlobe gauging, a process where thick earrings are inserted into holes in the earlobe. In time, larger diameter earrings are inserted, stretching the earlobe further and further. Those interested in this look must be careful; when stretched too much, the earlobe will not contract, leaving a permanent, sagging hole. Even worse, too much stretching can cause the earlobe to tear, an injury that requires surgery to fix.

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