What Are Some Cute Crossbody Bags?

cute-crossbody-bags Credit: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cute crossbody bags include small chain-link purses, medium-sized faux-leather satchels and see-through box clutches. These types of crossbody purses can found on the Forever 21 and Claire's websites, as of November 2014. Other cute crossbody bag ideas are available on the Teen Vogue and TB Dress websites.

Crossbody bags usually have long, slim straps that are placed over the neck and shoulders, and a small-to-medium-sized handbag that is worn in front of or slightly on the side of the hip. They are convenient for many women and girls because they allow for hands-free wear, which works well for long walks or busy shopping trips and errands.

Teen Vogue features a Spring 2013 article that mentions a wide selection of brightly colored crossbody bags, some with unique bold patterns or fabrics. These types of bags can be found in a variety of shapes and styles, from both high- and lower-end purse designers. Crossbody bags are made for both casual wear or for special occasions. For example, bags made with chain-link straps are generally more sleek looking and can be worn with dressy outfits, whereas the canvas or faux-leather crossbody bags pair well with jeans, leggings or other types of dressed-down clothing.