What Are Some Cute Bras?

Cute bras for women may include bras that have lace, sheer designs, animal print or stripes, such as the Elomi "Betty" bra. Cute bras for girls may have bright colors, flowers or frills, such as the Sweet Princess "Cute Kitten" bras.

There are several stores that offer cute bras for women and girls. Rue 21 has a wide variety of push-up, T-shirt and bandeau bras in different colors and sizes available, as of 2014. This store also offers racerback sports bras in various styles.

The Yellow Berry website has a large selection of bras in bright colors and patterns. Yellow Berry bras have cute names, such as Sugar Cookie, June Bug, Lady Bug and Cherry Stripe. This site recommends their bras as a good option for a young girl's first bra.

Finding the right bra that combines comfort, functionality and cute style can be challenging. Wearing a comfortable bra that fits properly is very important, however. A well-fitting bra is helpful for good posture and for keeping the breast tissue from getting damaged during sports or other vigorous activity, according to KidsHealth. A cute bra that does not fit well may cause back pain or tension in the muscles. Bras that feature a color close to the natural tone of a woman's skin combine style with functionality, as these bras can be worn with light- and dark-colored clothing.