How Do You Do Cute Acrylic Nails?

How Do You Do Cute Acrylic Nails?

While the designs for cute acrylic nails are limitless, according to Nail Inspiration, one trend to try is a Skittlette manicure. This technique carries a theme through nails that are polished differently. For the Skittlette manicure, you need four nail polishes in complementary colors, one with glitter that matches the other colors, top coat and nail decals.

  1. Pick a statement nail

    Choose one nail on each hand to be the statement nail. This one gets the glitter polish. Typically the ring finger is the statement nail.

  2. Polish the nails

    Polish each nail on one hand a different color, including the statement nail. Polish the corresponding nails on the other hand. Include two coats on each nail.

  3. Apply the decals

    Choose a simple decal that complements the polish, such as silver hearts on pastel colors. Select a location on each nail to apply the decals. Using the tip of one finger, carefully place each decal on the wet polish, pressing down slightly.

  4. Add details

    If desired, use the glitter polish to add details to each nail. Possible details include a dot near the decal, a corner swipe of polish or half the nail in glitter.

  5. Apply the top coat

    Use a high-gloss top coat, preferably the same brand as the colored polish. Apply two coats to each nail to secure the decal. Allow the polish to dry thoroughly.