How Do You Cut Straight Bangs?

How Do You Cut Straight Bangs?

To cut straight bangs, wash the hair and blow dry the front section so it's completely straight. Divide out the bangs section, comb this over your fingers, draw down to the bridge of the nose and make the first cut. Gradually cut the bangs until they're the desired length.

  1. Wash the hair

    Hair needs to be clean to make a blunt cut, so wash and condition the hair as usual.

  2. Dry the front

    Create a dividing line from ear to ear. Blow dry this section while pulling it straight with a paddle or vent brush. If hair still shows a curve, use a flat iron to completely straighten this section of hair.

  3. Section the bangs

    Comb the hair back, and use a comb to carve out the section of hair being cut into bangs. If the hair is thin, create a rectangle near the forehead. Otherwise, carve out a triangle shape between 1 to 2 inches deep at the point.

  4. Comb the bangs

    Place your hand against the forehead. Comb the bangs section straight down and over your fingers. Place your pointer finger over this section of hair, and pull down to the bridge of the nose.

  5. Make the first cut

    Holding the scissors parallel to your pointer finger, cut straight across.

  6. Trim to the desired length

    After the first cut, the bangs are likely still to long. Comb the hair over your hand again, pull it down and cut an additional 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. Continue this process until the bangs are the desired length.