How Do You Cut Side-Swept Bangs?

How Do You Cut Side-Swept Bangs?

To cut side-swept bangs, prepare the hair, pull the bangs over to the side, snip chunks at a 45-degree angle, check the length and thin the short end of the bangs. Cutting side-swept bangs takes roughly 10 minutes and requires sharp hair cutting shears, a comb and hair clips.

  1. Wash and dry the bangs

    Hair with product on it is hard to cut, so wash the bangs ahead of time. Dry the bangs straight. If cutting the bangs for the first time, ensure the front portion of the hair is washed and dried straight.

  2. Section the hair

    Use the edge of the comb to create a half-moon from corner to corner of the forehead. Clip the rest of the hair back.

  3. Prepare to cut

    Place your hand palm down over the forehead, and comb the hair straight down over your pointer finger. Gently grasp the bangs, and pull them to the opposite side they are supposed to go. For example, if the bangs should go from right to left, pull the bangs to the right. Keep just enough tension on your grip to keep the hair in place.

  4. Snip the ends

    Drop your fingers 1/4-inch lower than the target length of the bangs to avoid cutting them too short. Hold the scissors at a 45-degree angle, and point cut the ends. The goal is to remove length in 45-degree angle chunks straight across.

  5. Check the length

    Release the bangs. Sweep them across the forehead in the desired direction to check the length. If necessary, repeat the above procedure to remove additional length.

  6. Thin the short end

    Sweep the bangs back across to the opposite side. Hold the bangs higher up the hair shaft. Keeping the scissors at a 45-degree angle, slide them over the top of the hair on the short side. Do not cut length, just bulk. This reduces the weight of the bangs, allowing them to stay swept to the side.