How Do You Cut a Short Pixie Haircut?


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To cut a short pixel haircut, shampoo and condition your hair, towel it until it is slightly damp and comb it to ensure that it has no tangles. Cut the hair’s perimeter, beginning from the front, angling the hair down at the temples, just in front of the ears. Edge it back up to a few inches below the top of the ears on both sides. Cut the perimeter again from the back of the head in a gentle curve.

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Create a soft slope behind the ears by working from the top of the head down to the ears. To enhance the look, create layers by making nearly vertical cuts on the sides and at the back of the head. Press your fingers close to the scalp of the head to achieve an even length while cutting. Ensure that the hair on the parietal ridge is longer to make sure it appears even with the other parts of the head since the parietal ridge is slightly sunken.

Using the front perimeter cut as your guide, cut the top travelling guide from a side position. The traveling guide is the longest section of hair for the short pixel cut. Comb the hair from the ears to the top of the head before cutting to achieve evenness.

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