How Do You Cut a Short Hairstyle?


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Cut men's hair into a short hairstyle by using an electric razor to shave the hair on the back and sides of the head, then trim the top to the desired length. Women's short haircut styles vary depending on length and either involve trimming the hair or shaving sections completely.

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How Do You Cut a Short Hairstyle?
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One common short hairstyle for men is the buzz cut, which consists of shaving most or all of the hair off of the head. For a full buzz cut, the barber starts at the back of the head and moves the razor up and to the front and repeats the process until all the hair is gone. While cutting, the barber can attach different clips to the front of the razor that add space between the blades, allowing for more hair to be left on the head. Some buzz cuts only focus on the back and sides of the head, leaving longer hair on top for fine trimming with a pair of scissors.

Women's short hairstyles come in many varieties, with one frequent option simply involving trimming long hair down to the shoulders or slightly below the nape of the neck. From this style, the barber has the ability to further trim the back and sides based on personal preference.

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