How Do You Cut a Shirt Into a Tank Top?

To cut a shirt into a tank top, turn it inside out, cut off the sleeves, and hem. Turn the shirt right-side out, cut off the sides, measure for the arm hole, and lace up the sides.

  1. Remove the sleeves

    Turn the T-shirt inside out. Cut as close to the sleeve seams as possible. Rotate the fabric as you cut around the seam.

  2. Cut the bottom

    Measure up 2 inches from the bottom all the way around. Carefully cut along this measurement. Cut one of the seams to make a long strip of fabric. Cut this strip directly down the middle, making two 1-inch strips.

  3. Cut the sides

    Turn the shirt right side out. Measure in 1 inch from either side all the way from hem to arm hole. Cut along this measurement on both sides.

  4. Measure for the armholes

    Put the shirt on. Measure where you want the side seams to start. Mark the starting position with chalk on either side. Remove the shirt.

  5. Make lacing holes

    Lay the shirt flat on a table. Starting at the chalk line, make 1/8-inch holes all the way down each side of the shirt, matching the holes front and back. Space the holes 1 to 2 inches apart.

  6. Lace the sides

    Insert one of the strips through the top two holes on one side. Center the strip. Cross the two ends, and lace the next two holes down. Continue crisscrossing the ends until you reach the bottom. Tie the strip with a knot, and lace up the other side.