How Do You Cut Scene Bangs in Your Hair?


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Cut your bangs at an angle across your face to achieve a hairstyle with classic scene bangs. Use a razor comb to get the choppy texture commonly associated with scene hair.

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Begin by washing your hair to remove any product or grease, as either can make cutting hair more difficult. Afterwards, comb your hair so it is free of tangles or knots. Straightening your hair with a flat iron can make it easier to manipulate when cutting, and may also make the full length of each section of hair more apparent. Separate the rest of your hair from your bangs with pins or clips before you begin cutting.

Use scissors to cut your bangs at angle going across your face. This creates the swoop look common in scene hairstyles. A sharper angle of cutting creates a more dramatic swoop and a greater difference in length between the shortest and longest portion of your bangs. There is no optimal angle, as this is strictly a matter of personal preference.

Use a point-cutting technique by pointing the scissors towards your scalp and cutting small bits of hair at a time. This helps to create a more choppy look. Finally, use a razor comb to lightly thin hair and create more texture.

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