How Do You Cut Quartz Crystal?

To cut a piece of quartz crystal, get dressed in protective gear first. Prepare the quartz to be cut, then make the cut with a Dremel tool with a diamond-edge saw attachment. After the crystal is cut, use the Dremel tool's other attachments to polish it.

  1. Put on protective gear

    Cutting quartz crystal produces a lot of silicate dust as well as other particulates. Avoid inhaling these by wearing a respirator mask. These particles also irritate skin, so wear goggles, and cover as much skin as possible.

  2. Prepare the crystal

    Set the crystal in a vise, using scraps of leather to protect the crystal from getting marred by the jaws of the vise. Once the crystal is in place, coat it with mineral oil, which acts as a lubricant.

  3. Cut the crystal

    Using a Dremel tool with the diamond-edge saw attachment, cut the quartz using light pressure. Continually squirt more mineral oil on the quartz as the cut progresses.

  4. Polish the quartz

    Replace the diamond-edge saw attachment with a grinder bit, and use the Dremel tool to smooth out the surface. Replace the grinder bit with a finer grit bit, and repeat, gradually increasing the grit until the surface has the desired polish. Keep the quartz lubricated with mineral oil while polishing.