How Do You Cut a "pixie" Hairstyle?

How Do You Cut a "pixie" Hairstyle?

To cut a pixie hairstyle, wash the hair and blot it dry before combing it to remove any tangles. Cut all around the perimeter to the desired length, cut layers to the perimeter and finish by texturizing the ends.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash and condition the hair as usual. Use a towel to blot the hair dry. Comb through the hair to remove tangles.

  2. Cut the front perimeter

    If the hair is long or very thick, divide the hair into manageable sections. Comb the bangs straight down over your fingers, and cut them to the desired length.

  3. Cut the side perimeter

    Comb the hair on the sides forward, and cut down at an angle from the temples to in front of the ears. Reverse the angle to cut back up toward the top of the ear. The goal is to make a long point in front of the ear. Repeat this procedure on the other side.

  4. Cut the back perimeter

    Comb the hair at the nape straight down. Cut a gentle curve at the nape, angling up toward the ear. Join this curve to the side perimeter line on each side.

  5. Layer the hair

    Segment the hair into manageable sections. Cut layers into the hair by pulling it vertically from the head. Use the perimeter cut as your guide. Increase the length of the layers near the crown. Blend all sections.

  6. Texturize the hair

    Comb the front straight over your fingers. Create points at the end of the section by holding the scissors at a 45-degree angle and notching into the straight line. Repeat this procedure anywhere you want a softer look, such as around the ears or the nape.