How Do You Cut Your Own Bangs?

cut-own-bangs Credit: Zero Creatives/Image Source/Getty Images

To cut your own bangs, divide your hair into a triangle section in the front, and clip back the hair. Use scissors to trim your hair, starting from the center.

  1. Divide your hair into a triangle section

    Divide your hair into a triangle section from the top center of your head to the outside of your eyebrows. For thicker bangs, start the triangle farther back on your head. For thinner bangs, start the triangle closer to the center of the front of your head.

  2. Clip back the hair

    Clip back the side sections to avoid accidentally cutting any of these hairs. Clip back sections of the hair in front, starting at the back of the triangle and working your way down. This is so you can trim your bangs section by section, which is the key to getting a straight-across cut.

  3. Cut the hair

    Take one section of bangs between your fingers. Hold the scissors vertically, and start cutting up from the center of your hair. Work your way to the outer edge on either side. Take down another section of clipped hair, and lay it over the first. Cut the new section of hair to match the first without cutting the original section. Repeat with all the sections of bangs.