How Do You Cut a Muscle Shirt?


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To cut a muscle shirt, mark out lines to cut along the sleeve, around the collar and the bottom seam. Cut along the lines with scissors, and gently pull on the arms, collar and bottom to stretch the fabric and hide imperfections.

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How Do You Cut a Muscle Shirt?
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  1. Mark lines to cut the shirt

    Use chalk or a pen to mark a line one inch away from each shoulder seam, collar seam and below the armpit seam.

  2. Cut the shirt

    Use scissors to cut from the marks at the armpit seams to the marks at the shoulder seams. Cut along the lines for the bottom seam and the collar seam.

  3. Stretch the fabric

    Pull on the arms, collar, and bottom to stretch the fabric. This causes the fabric to curl up, hiding imperfections resulting from cutting the shirt.

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