How Do You Cut Men's Hair?

How Do You Cut Men's Hair?

The most common and desired way to cut a man's hair is by using electric clippers and a pair of haircutting shears. After choosing the desired length, use the clippers and shears to cut the hair. Finally, trim the neckline and sideburns to the desired length and style.

  1. Choose the desired length

    Choose how short you want to cut the man's hair, and pick the appropriate clipper guard. Clipper guards attach to the end of the electric clippers and determine how much hair the clippers cut off. Longer guards cut less hair.

  2. Begin clipping

    Start at the base of the neck. Holding the clippers against the scalp, run them up through the hair, stopping halfway up the head. Continue this action all the way around the head. Leave the top hair for the shears.

  3. Cut the remaining hair with shears

    Dampen the remaining hair. After combing all the hair forward, beginning at the back and working to the front, comb up one-half inch sections. Hold the sections between your index and middle finger, and slide your fingers up to the length that you want. Angle your fingers up when cutting to avoid blunt lines. Each time you grab a new section of hair, include a small portion of the recently cut section so that you have a length guide to work from.

  4. Trim neckline and sideburns

    Take the attachment off of the clipper, and shape his hairline at the base of his neck. Then shape and clean the length of his sideburns and any stray hairs around the ears. Finally, add any desired product to the hair to style it as desired.