How Do You Cut a Long Layered Shag Hairstyle?

How Do You Cut a Long Layered Shag Hairstyle?

To cut a long layered shag hairstyle, first divide the hair into top, back and side sections. Then, create the bangs, cut the hair in layers on the sides, and finally, cut the hair at the back into layers. Leave the layers long and cut using a razor or a pair of scissors.

After the dividing the hair into sections, keep them separate by pulling and clipping the hair at the back. Alternatively, tie the hair up using an elastic band. In addition, pin the hair at the top and sides using hair clips.

Now, push the required amount of hair towards the front for cutting the bangs. Keep the length of the bangs just above, midway or below the eyebrows. Choose between straight-cut bangs, angled ones or pieced bangs.

To cut the sides, angle the hair away from or towards the face. Again, when cutting the layers, make angled cuts or snip straight. Ensure that the length of every set of layers is even on both the sides. Similarly, cut the hair at the back into layers. Introduce several layers for a textured appearance or keep the layers few in number for a sleek look, particularly if the hair is thick.

Cutting the layers with a razor adds texture to the hair, whereas cutting with scissors makes the layers more even. Maintain the layers by trimming the hair in a similar fashion once in six to eight weeks.