How Do You Cut Long Bangs?

How Do You Cut Long Bangs?

Cut long bangs by sectioning off the hair that you want to trim and then snipping your hair with scissors or a razor. The process takes just a few minutes. You need sharp scissors or a disposable razor, a styling comb, bobby pins or a rubber hair band, and a mirror.

  1. Gather the materials

    Gather the styling materials necessary to complete the process.

  2. Comb your bangs

    Section off your dry bangs with the styling comb. Tie or pin the rest of your hair behind your head. Take the comb, and separate the bangs into two parts. Pull the comb through one piece of hair, and stop when the teeth of the comb meet your brow bone.

  3. Cut your hair

    Bring the scissors to the place where the comb meets your face, and begin snipping at a 45-degree angle. Move to the other piece of bangs, and repeat the process. You can also hold your hair tightly between your fingers, and slice through the hair with a razor.

  4. Add layers

    Take one piece of the bangs between two fingers, and hold it in a straight line over your head. Move your fingers to the end of this portion, allowing a few strands to fall away. Bring your fingers down approximately 1 inch, and cut off a 1/2-inch of hair with the scissors or razor.