How Do You Cut Layers in Long Hair?

To cut layers in long hair, wash and towel dry the hair, comb out the tangles and section out a guideline on top of the head. Cut the guideline straight across, and match successive sections to this stationary guide as you work around the head.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash and condition the hair. Squeeze excess moisture out of the hair with a towel. Hair needs to be uniformly wet to cut evenly. Comb out all the tangles.

  2. Separate the guideline section

    Divide a 2-inch segment of hair across the entire top of the head. The segment should reach from the forehead to the crown.

  3. Cut the guideline

    Carefully comb the guideline hair straight up at a 180-degree angle from the head. Ensure there are no tangles. Pull the hair to the desired length, and cut straight across. The cut line should be parallel to the floor.

  4. Cut the first sections

    Separate the hair from the top of the ear to the hairline in front. Comb this hair straight up. Ensure you have some of the guideline section in your hand. Cut straight across to match the guideline. Repeat this process on the other side. These are the secondary guidelines.

  5. Cut the rest of the hair

    Divide out a section of hair just behind the secondary guideline on one side. Comb it straight up, making sure to grab some of the primary guideline in your hand. Cut straight across. Repeat this procedure until you get to the middle of the back. Start again on the other side with the primary and secondary guidelines.