How Do You Cut a Layered Hairstyle With Bangs?


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To cut layered hair with bangs, start with clean, dry hair that is free of all tangles. Flip the head upside down and gather all of the hair into a ponytail at the crown. Flip the head back up and brush through the ends.

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To create subtle layers, move the elastic up the ponytail leaving only an inch of hair in the elastic at the ends. For more dramatic layers, leave a few inches of hair in the elastic. Once the elastic is even, take sharp scissors made specifically for cutting hair and cut evenly along the elastic. Avoid cutting the hair at an angle to prevent uneven layers uneven. Shake out and brush the hair, then check that all the layers fall evenly. Trim any individual sections that stick out.

For the bangs, gather a small section of hair at the hairline no wider than the edges of the eyebrows and hold it front of the bridge of the nose. Trim the excess hair at a vertical slant, no shorter than the eyebrows. Divide the bangs into two sections from the natural part, then pinch the index and middle finger down the length of the hair. Trim the ends slightly at a vertical angle and repeat on the other side, switching the side of the angle. Style the bangs and the front sections of hair and trim any sections that need to be blended at an angle.

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