How Do You Cut Hair on a Man Who Has Thin Hair?


There are several ways to cut hair on a man who has thin hair, such as long on top, messy or with a peak. These methods add texture and volume which compensates for the lesser amounts of hair strands in thin hair.

To cut a long on top haircut, you leave the hair long on top and cut the hair short on the sides and in the back. Style the extra hair that is left on top to the side, slicked back or draped down the forehead to make the hair appear thicker.

To create a messy haircut, you also cut the hair short on the sides and long on top but you leave the hair even longer around the hairline and include layers to add extra texture. You then style the hair so that it stands in all directions, minimizing the thin appearance of the hair.

The other way to cut thin hair is to create a peak. For this style, you cut the hair similar to the messy cut, but more neatly. After the haircut is complete, style the extra hair on top to form a tousled peak in the front and center of the hair. The peak draws attention away from thinner areas and brings focus to the voluminous center.