How Do You Cut Hair so That It Looks Like a V in the Back?


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The V cut is achieved by parting hair down the middle and cutting graduating angled layers, starting at the front half of the head and finishing in the back. This gives a symmetrical V-shape with soft edges instead of making blunt cuts.

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A good V cut requires a straight fine-tooth comb and sharp scissors.

  1. Part the hair
  2. Part the hair evenly down the center of the head. Part these two sections from front to back to make four quadrants.
  3. Create a cutting guide
  4. Comb forth two strands from each side at the center, front of the head into a single section. Make a straight cut at the point for the shortest layer.
  5. Graduating front layers
  6. Pull the first cut section on one side straight up, coming from behind the section on the side of the head. Gather another thin section from behind, uniting it with the first section. Align the comb with the angle in the hair part. Cut this new section even with the first section. Repeat this process throughout the first quadrant and with the opposite front quadrant.
  7. Cutting back quadrants
  8. Comb a thin section of the back portion of hair forward, following the same angle as the front section. Line up each back section with the center, top of the ear. Hold the hair in your fingers and cut straight across. Repeat this through the last sections at the nape of the neck. Repeat on the opposite side of the head.
  9. Finishing touches
  10. Comb out the hair and trim the tip of the V to the desired length. Trim any uneven pieces as needed to make a uniform graduation to the V tip.
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