How Do You Cut Hair?


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Cut straight hair with scissors, while it is still wet from washing. Curly hair is more difficult to cut while wet. Use clips to divide the hair into seven sections and cut the sections from front to back or back to front, depending on the style. Take segments of hair from matching sections on each side of the head and ensure that they are of equal length, then work on texturing the hair before drying it.

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The seven sections of the head are the top, left and right side, left and right crown, and left and right nape. Comb each section before twisting it and securing it.

Texturizing the hair involves thinning out bulk. Different hair types and styles require different techniques. Point cutting softens medium to long hair, and removes excess volume. It creates a layered effect without layering the hair, and also works well on curls. When point cutting is used on shorter hair, it is called notching and creates a spiky look.

Slithering and slicing involve sliding the shears down sections of hair, either cutting with a single blade or slowly opening and closing the shears. Both methods reduce weight and add texture to the hair. Use a comb and razor on long, thick hair to remove bulk, but remember that using a razor on fine or wavy hair makes it frizzy.

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