How Do You Cut Fringe Bangs?

How Do You Cut Fringe Bangs?

One easy method for cutting fringe bangs involves separating the hair into three sections and using scissors to cut the hair into the desired length. Snip at the ends of the hair for a natural look.

  1. Separate the hair into sections

    Use a fine-toothed comb to bring the front section of your hair over your forehead, and remove any tangles. Separate the hair into a middle section that falls over your nose and two side sections that fall around your eyes.

  2. Make the first cuts

    Comb the middle section, and stop at the point where you want to cut the hair. Make sure that the comb is completely straight, and hold the comb steady and make horizontal cuts. Comb one side section, and stop the comb slightly below where you made the middle cut. Doing so makes the side sections frame your face. Cut the side section diagonally so the far ends are the longest parts of the bangs. Repeat for the other side section.

  3. Make vertical cuts

    Point your scissors upwards. Comb one section at a time and snip at the ends of the hair on the outer two sections while your scissors are vertical.

  4. Make sure cuts are even

    Comb through all the sections again to check that the cuts are even, and snip flyaway hairs. Look at a mirror to double check for evenness.