How Do You Cut a Fauxhawk?

How Do You Cut a Fauxhawk?

To cut a fauxhawk, divide out the long strip in the center, and clip it out of the way. Clipper cut the sides and back, wash the hair, and cut the center strip to the desired length. Finish by cleaning up the hairline with trimmers.

  1. Divide out the long strip

    Using the center of the left eye as a guide, create a straight part from the front hairline to the nape in the back. Repeat this part using the center of the right eye as a guide. Clip this hair out of the way.

  2. Use clippers on the sides

    Choose a clipper attachment according to the desired length of the hair on the sides. Starting from the bottom and working up, clipper cut the sides and the back of dry hair near the strip. If more blending is desired, use a longer attachment as you near the long strip.

  3. Wash the hair

    The top needs to be cut while clean and wet, so wash the hair. This also removes the clippings from the buzz cut.

  4. Cut a guideline

    Determine the finished length of the center strip. Cut a 1/4-inch section of hair in the front to this length. Do the same in the back. These are your two guidelines.

  5. Cut the center strip

    Divide a 1/2-inch section in the front. Comb the hair up at a 90-degree angle from the head with the guideline as part of the section. Cut the hair to this length. Repeat this procedure for the entire strip.

  6. Clean the edges

    Use neck trimmers to create a straight line at the nape, sideburns and around the ears.