How Do You Cut a Dorothy Hamill Wedge-Style Haircut?


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To achieve a Dorothy Hamill wedge-style hairstyle, start by cutting the bangs to the desired length, as well as cutting a guide piece in the back, suggests Hairfinder.com. Lift hair so it is parallel to the floor, and cut inward longest to shortest.

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Precision is important with this haircut, but it can be achieved to great success on a wide variety of hair types. The cut is flattering and the subtle layers allow good movement. Start by dividing the hair into sections, leaving behind a 1/2-inch perimeter. Cut bangs to the desired length and share. Also cut a guide piece in the back of the head to the desired length. Cut the perimeter next, using it to form the desired shape, cutting back to front on one side. Let down the hair and comb it, finding the weighted center part. Once weighted part is established, cut small vertical pieces held out at a 90-degree angle (parallel to the floor). Cut the hair from the perimeter length to the weighted part. Start in the middle of the back and work out to each side. Once done, ensure it is even by combing hair out horizontally a measuring it against the other side.

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