How Do You Cut Curly Hair?

How Do You Cut Curly Hair?

Cut curly hair after applying conditioner. Add vertical layers to the cut, but don't remove the ends. Curly hair tends to shrink once it dries, so don't cut off too much hair.

  1. Condition the hair

    Wash the hair with conditioner. Avoid using shampoo, since it makes hair bushy and hard to manage. Rinse out the conditioner.

  2. Add layers to the cut

    Shape the hair by cutting vertical layers into the style. Remove the right amount of weight from each layer to give it proper movement and to prevent the appearance of hard lines.

  3. Mind the ends

    To avoid spoiling the shape of the cut, don't use thinning shears to remove excess weight from the hair. Avoid adding too much texture to prevent the hair becoming frizzy.

  4. Pay attention to the length of the hair

    Curly hair shrinks after washing, so don't cut too much of it.

  5. Use water and styling products, and dry the hair

    Spray the hair, and comb through the curls. Using your fingers, massage conditioner and gel into the hair. Leave these products in the hair, and let it air dry. Don't touch the hair while it dries. Finally, shake out the hair to give it volume.