How Do You Cut a Bob Haircut?

How Do You Cut a Bob Haircut?

To cut a bob haircut, wash and condition the hair, comb out all tangles, segment the hair, cut the guide line and cut all sections of hair to the guide. Cutting a bob haircut takes roughly 30 minutes and requires shampoo, conditioner, hair-cutting shears, clips and a comb.

  1. Prepare the hair

    The bob haircut is a precision style, so the hair needs to be clean of dirt and products when cutting it. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, comb out any tangles.

  2. Section the hair

    Using the comb, run a line from one ear connecting to the other across the top of the head. Split this section in half at the natural part, and clip to hold in place. Use the comb to segment three equal sections in the back, clipping the top two in place. If desired, halve the two back sections to make them easier to handle.

  3. Cut the guide line

    The section of hair from the widest part of the head to the nape should be hanging free. Comb this section between your pointer and middle fingers, securing in place without pulling taut. Cut the hair to the desired length. Move the fingers as necessary to ensure the guide is straight across.

  4. Cut the back of the hair

    Working in 1/2-inch sections, drop sections of hair down. Follow the procedure for combing the hair over the fingers, cutting without tension until all the hair in the back is cut.

  5. Cut the sides

    Drop a 1/2-inch segment of hair down from each of the side sections. Cut these straight across to match the original guide. Repeat the process for cutting the hair in 1/2-inch segments until all the hair is cut. Either cut the top section with it parted at the natural line or in the center.