How Do You Cut a Black Man's Hair?

The first step in cutting a black man's hair is to prepare the hair by removing tangles. Next, the hairdresser should determine the length desired and the cutting guard needed. Start by cutting along the grain of the hair to even out any rough spots, and complete the cut by trimming the hairline starting from the sides, then moving to the top and toward the back.

Black men?s hair is unique in terms of texture and moisture content. Therefore, the hairdresser should use products made for this specific hair type. Using incorrect techniques or products can result in unacceptable haircuts.

The supplies needed to cut effectively include hair clippers, trimmers, clipper guards, a hair shaper razor blade, brush, comb, pick, aftershave and hair sheen. The hairdresser should decide which tools are appropriate, helpful and time-saving. A pick comb is best for long hair, and a brush is better for short hair straightening. A barber?s cape or towel around the client?s shoulders will protect his shirt, and failure to drape the client properly can result in his clothes being soiled. Afterwards, the client should have the opportunity to view his hair in a mirror to verify that the cut is acceptable.