How Do You Cut Bangs Straight Across?


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Cut bangs straight across by using a comb, a well-sharpened pair of haircutting shears, and proper hand placement and elevation. After isolating the hair you want to cut, measure out a desired length, then position a comb at a tilt away from the face, and begin cutting the bangs in small sections, moving fluidly from one direction to the next.

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  1. Isolate the hair you want to cut

    To avoid cutting random hairs, clip hair you do not want as bangs out of the way. Make sure your hair is dry and that the bang hair is neatly combed into place.

  2. Use a comb to position the hair

    Place a fine-toothed comb underneath the bang hair, and face the teeth outward. Drag the comb down until you reach the desired length for bangs. Allow for comb width by going 1/8 inch longer.

  3. Begin cutting

    Cut bangs in small sections, moving slowly from one direction to the next. Be careful not to take sections that are too large, otherwise this results in uneven bangs. Keep the shears tilted at an upward 45-degree angle as you cut.

  4. Complete the final touch

    After you have cut the bangs, brush the hair straight down onto the forehead. Using either the comb or your free hand, hold the bangs against the forehead securely. Finish the bang cut by trimming any misplaced hairs you see and straightening the line you have created.

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