How to Cut Your Bangs at Home?

Style as normal, pull the bangs straight out and trim sections of hair with the scissors at a vertical position. Use a very sharp pair of scissors to ensure clean cuts and work slowly, checking progress frequently.

Bangs add a fun and youthful look to any hairstyle. These forehead locks frequently grow past the eyebrows before it is time to visit the stylist for another cut. Rather than paying for a trim, it is possible to cut those bangs back in place at home.

  1. Style hair as normal
  2. Wash, dry and style the hair as normal. Separate and comb the bangs in place, even if they cover the eyes. Pull the rest of the hair back in a ponytail.
  3. Pull the bangs upwards
  4. Slide a comb up behind the bangs and slide them through the hair to hold bangs in place. This also lifts the hair up and away from the face making it a little easier to work with.
  5. Make small cuts
  6. Use a sharp pair of scissors to make vertical cuts along the ends of the bangs. Start from the middle of the forehead and work towards each side allowing the bangs to get longer at the sides. These cuts should gradually remove sections of hair in a slightly irregular pattern, so the final product looks natural.
  7. Check the results
  8. Brush away any loose hairs. Use the comb to brush and style the bangs in place. Check that the bangs are even and look good with the rest of the hairstyle.