How Do You Cut an Asymmetrical Bob?

How Do You Cut an Asymmetrical Bob?

How Do You Cut an Asymmetrical Bob?

Cutting an asymmetrical bob requires precise measuring and parting of hair. Divide the hair into equal, horizontal sections, and cut the bottom of each section along a diagonal slant. You need a fine-toothed comb, sharp craft scissors, five or six hair bands, two mirrors and a blow dryer. A round brush is optional.

  1. Rinse, and comb the hair

    Wash hair to remove any products or build-up. Rinse. Comb hair straight down along lines of natural growth.

  2. Section the hair with horizontal parts

    Part the hair along a horizontal line on top of the head, where a headband would go. Knot the hair above the part with one or two hair bands. Part the remaining hair along a second horizontal line halfway between the base of the hairline and the first part. Gather hair above second part with two or three hair bands.

  3. Cut diagonally along each layer

    Cut straight across the remaining hair to the longest length of the finished bob. Then start at 1 inch above that length on the left, and cut diagonally across to the right. Repeat for each individual section of gathered hair.

  4. Add texture to the front

    Trim the hair framing the face to hang at irregular lengths by cutting 1/2-inch pieces from random strands.

  5. Blow dry

    Blow dry the hair, using a round brush to smooth layers if desired.